Snakeskin - Slogan

Welcome - to Snakeskin Music&Production Hb.                                     

Snakeskin M&P is a professional music and production company that represents an easy way for our clients to have an evening with the best in music - both when it comes to covers and original music.

We also offer you an opportunity to record your own songs in SnakePit Studio and you can rent sound and lights for your events. 

Our biggest export is of course Snakeskin Playboys which is the newest and hottest acts within the countryrock/pop genre from Sweden.

The band started out in 2008, Lars and Christina wrote a few songs and they recorded their first album in the livingroom of their own home. They released their first album - Snakeskin Playboys #1 - in 2009. "Austin or Idaho" where released in 2010. The 2 albums led the band to perform both on tv and on the radio. Internetradioplays of course and also 2 tracks from "Austin or Idaho" was high rated on internetcharts.

The couple are now working on their fourth album.

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