Snakeskin - Slogan

Like cowgirls do

1. A family like this
2. Anyone you want
3. Don´t ever say that you can´t hear me
4. Follow your heart
5. I´m in love
6. Just one more
7. Like cowgirls do
8. Love can heal
9. Never did nobody no wrong
10. Selling dreams
11. Things we do for love
12. To shy
13. When the world calls for a hero
14. You can´t break my heart

Produced at SnakePit Studio by Lasse Wendel.
Mastering Frazze Toth.
All rights reserved 2013.

Austin or Idaho.

1. Austin or Idaho
2. Ain´t it funny
3. Different Language
4. Two to tango
5. Memories
6. Call from the wild
7. Nothing we an do
8. Tale of a man
9. Rollercoaster Ride
10. Where would I be without you
11. This is not a countrysong
12. Goodnight 

Producerad i Snakepit Studios av Lasse Wendel.
Mastring Mesmer Music av Frazze Toth.
All rights reserved, 2010.

Snakeskin Playboys #1. 

1. Don´t go
2. Riding on a camel
3. Nothing lasts forever
4. Life is a rodeo
5. Lead me when I´m blind
6. Second time around
7. Those days are gone
8. Someday baby 
9. The best thing I´ve got
10. All I want
11. Keep on hanging on
12. When you wish upon a star
13. A woman´s got to do

Producerad av Lars Wendel, mastrad av Frazze Toth, Snakeskin Studio 2009.
All rights reserved.

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